Bios are not as good a sales tool as resumes on company websites.

A critical ROI for business owners: Well-written resumes versus bios.   Entrepreneurs should realize one of the most critical pieces of advertising is showcasing the knowledge, skills, and experience of the most important person (or people) at the helm of

Don’t miss out on LinkedIn activity

LinkedIn: Why you don’t want to miss out on the activity. Do you ever ask yourself – what good is LinkedIn? How can it help me pursue business development or a new career search? What effort do you put into

15 ‘don’ts’ for resume writing (Don’t let Bad Resumes Kill Your Job Search!)

Bad resume advice: 15 ‘don’ts’ for resume writing What is some of the worst resume advice you’ve ever gotten? Did you naively use suggestions from someone you thought knew best (or worse, you paid for the advice)?  Some resumes I’ve

Where do you start writing resumes for new jobs?

Are you asking yourself, “What do I do first to find a job?” or “What do I do first to write a resume?”  Some dream of financial freedom, and others are simply trying to find a job to help them