Bios are not as good a sales tool as resumes on company websites.

A critical ROI for business owners: Well-written resumes versus bios.


Entrepreneurs should realize one of the most critical pieces of advertising is showcasing the knowledge, skills, and experience of the most important person (or people) at the helm of the company.  Whether it is the CEO who guides and directs a large company’s strategic goals or the owner of a small father and son business, it is important to demonstrate the intrinsic value for the client to shop with that company.  The value of a well-written resume exemplifies the business has the expertise to perform the service or provide a quality product.

Entrepreneurs may not think to add resumes to a business plan for presentation to investors or the bank for loans. Resumes are a friendly way of getting their subject matter expertise in front of decision-makers. Merchant organizations research the background and reliability of its members to assure quality and reliability and provide reports on that business.  A small business owner can use resumes to describing their background and reliability with expertly written experience sections as a reporting platform for themselves providing a marketing venue to the business.

What’s the value – especially if the business owner is not looking for a new career job?  A resume provides documentation for the staff’s reliability, as well as resourcing a platform for recommendations for past and current work or projects. Partners or senior staff members within the company should have resumes posted to showcase versatility and more than one person vested in the businesses’ capabilities.

One of the more practical places for resume is on the business website’s ‘About the Owner’ page.  This post allows potential clients to review the entrepreneur’s expertise, past achievements, and future capabilities based on skills sets.  Clients can get a warm and fuzzy feel about the company as they become comfortable with the owner(s). The price is right and Internet exposure will increase the business search engine optimization (SEO). Awards or public recognition earned by the business owner or staff of the company can be replicated in an awards page. This also increases the SEO, especially if the awards have business relevant key words or phrases.

The second most important place to post a entrepreneur’s resume is in social media. Savvy business owners may have a business page on Facebook and a personal profile and a company page on LinkedIn.  It is important to bulk up the social media pages with professional work experience to match the resume on the business website.  Don’t overlook the need for monthly or quarterly updates and new projects achieved. Updates should match on all the social sites.  If a client looks up a profile on LinkedIn and the resume or profile doesn’t match what is posted on the company page in Facebook, the client may assume the company is not detail oriented or truthful.

Some businesses post short ‘bios’ on websites for key executives. Bios fail to show the rich history of or years of experience of key stakeholders in the company.  There is little ROI for bios, which are more useful for introducing a speaker at a speaking event. Bios do not explain why the executives are in charge of critical management for the business or why the owners are running the company.  It is more important to post a rich resume with past achievements to impress the potential client.  Remember the first impression is the most important – and an impressive resume speaks well for both the business and the entrepreneur or C-Suite executives.

Another resume ROI – they enable a richly, detailed, skill-set databases providing data-mining ‘capabilities’ for contract and proposal writing. Companies in government contracting are often asked to provide resumes of qualified employees (or offer-letter contingent future employees) as documentation of capabilities. To prove to a potential client they have well-educated, trained, or experienced staff, the business can use the detailed resumes to market to the customer. One or two staff members cannot remember the skills of all employees.  A metricized, achievement-based, richly-detailed  resume is easy to query within a database.

If you are a small business owner – don’t overlook this valuable tool to advertise your experience to develop future business.  An achievement-based, metric-rich resume will ‘show, not tell’ most of what a client wants to know. The resume will also start building that important first step of trust and believability.




Dawn Boyer is the owner of D. Boyer Consulting – a career services coach, social media management, human resources and business development consulting. She can be reached at or for resume writing services or LinkedIn training.