Where do you start writing resumes for new jobs?

Are you asking yourself, “What do I do first to find a job?” or “What do I do first to write a resume?”  Some dream of financial freedom, and others are simply trying to find a job to help them pay the bills.  Are you needing to write a new resume, rewrite a resume, or revise a resume for your experience portfolio?  Are you changing careers, looking for a promotion, or performing a career search for the first time? Are you not sure about the resume format, the resume elements, or what to add for ‘resume bling?’


Most folks who are trying to find a job, decide on a career, switching to a new career, looking for employment, trying to get hired or even get an interview, simply don’t know where to start.  Some folks settle for cheap resumes, online template resumes, get mired in Google looking for ‘help writing resumes’ or ‘hiring strategy’ pages.  Other Google searches bring up “best resume format’ or ‘best resume tips’ – but according what authority?  You need to put your resume on a protein diet to ensure rich and relevant data is viewed by recruiters, hiring managers, and headhunters.  You want your resume to be the ‘lady gaga’ among the other contenders for that job.


Getting a job is not easy, and a better resume or curriculum vitae (CV or C.V.) will entice that headhunter or hiring manager to look closer at your qualifications and consider bringing you in for an interview.  Writing a better resume will help you prepare for an interview.  If you dump ‘resume fat’ and create a ‘jewel of a resume’ that position vacancy might be filled with your promotion and branding of your qualifications.


The first two most important questions to answer is “How do I get a job?” “How do I write a resume?” and “How do I write a resume to get a job?” Resumes are not job applications, but marketing persuasion documents to lure reviews by those seeking applicants for jobs.  These job hunting strategies and resume writing tips will assist you in polishing your resume with professional resume objectives to create that perfect resume for your job search.


Here’s the ‘model’ resume you should be using to build the best resume ever!



Copyright 2012, Dawn D. Boyer, D. Boyer Consulting